Al Kider's Discount WMD's

Where you get more bang for the buck!

The "Party Charge" has a versatile delivery package that makes it suitable for insurrections, beach barbecues, and fishing.

Our 14 kiloton "Carpe Non" is a great utility WMD for beginners and slow learners.

After some practice, upgrade to our 31 kiloton "bruiser."

"Old Faithful," our 10 megaton standby, is the perfect addition to the family survival gear.

Exquisite craftsmanship makes the 23 kiloton "Aspen Shower" a joy to work with, and a fine addition to any living room.

The "Scrambler" was designed to be a quick and easy solution for irreconcilable differences.

"Red Rover" is truly desert warfare at its finest. Need we say more?

The "Vernal Awakening" was named after its maiden blast on this beautiful Nevada morning in March.
Quantity discounts are available.

Half Price!
The 32 kiloton "Smoker" is last year's model, but still fully functional.

Our 15-kiloton 280mm artillery shell package is ideal for neighborhood disputes.

People listen when you carry our 61 kiloton "bruiser."

The 15 megaton "Big Bertha" is the Ultimate in WMD hardware.

Put persuasion into your negotiations with "Little Joe," the perfect complement to any diplomatic team.

The easy-to-use "Enetewak" is a truly elegant bomb, suitable for any occasion.

You'll be heard 'round the world with our 11 megaton "Magnum Express."

The "Spartica," raw power.

Our "Morning Glory" combines beauty with substance and functionality, for the person who considers warfare a true art.

In addition to traditional applicatons, our WMDs are ideal for clearing construction sites as shown here with the new "Dozer."

Our 37 kiloton "Dandelion" provides a powerful yet delicate mushroom, adding unquestioned style to your warfare.

Need a little more power? Upgrade from the "Dandelion" to the 74 kiloton "Primrose."

The 17 kiloton "Star Fire" is designed for night combat and community fireworks.

Our air-to-air "Skeeter" is great for those pesky no-fly zones. A near miss counts!

The 19 kiloton "Brazier" comes with its own
(unguided) balloon and air-launch fuse kit, all at no extra charge!

Our balloon-launched "Black Cat" is perfect for New Years fireworks, wedding celebrations, and mosquito control.

Impress the neighbors -- fry an entire county with our new "K-17."

Take care of those limited-access areas with the 11 kiloton "Atom Smasher."

The "Plinker" is an excellent tool for tribal skirmishes and rodent control.

Pricing:   Fission models, US$230 per kiloton. Fusion models, US$8,320 per megaton, plus shipping and handling.
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Educational discounts are available to accredited educational institutions.
Sorry, we are unable to give refunds for used WMD's. Please be sure your returned product has not been detonated.
We cannot be responsible for premature detonation.

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