32 DOS Applications from the 1980's

Here are some tips on getting cantankerous DOS applications running on Windows XP.


I haven't seen it happen, but it's possible that the graphics applications could leave your display adapter in a weird mode, in which case you may have to do some kind of reset.

In addition to the shareware, here's a 1986 release of the CAD software ProDesign II:


These shareware and public domain files came from Public Brand Software, a shareware distributor. The zip files contain the files that were on the original floppies, usually one per .zip file, but sometimes two or three floppies per .zip. PKXarc or something similar is included in the .zip files to uncompress the files. There is documentation (more or less) that tells how to use each application. Most work under the command prompt in XP, but some have a little trouble. You might have to go to the MSDOS mode of Windows 98 or Me to get a few of them running. Even so, the documentation is pretty entertaining.

1. ace-astronomy.zip AstroSoft Computerized Ephemeris (ACE), Version 1.00, 1986
2. astronomy-weather.zip Hurrican Tracking, 1987
3. astronomy.zip The AST, STARVIEW, and STORM systems, 1986
4. bible-games.zip Bible Games, 1987
5. boyan.zip Boyan modem software, 1987
6. business-strategist.zip Business Strategist, 1987
7. cogo.zip GeoCalc Coordinate Geometry (COGO), 1987
8. curve-digitizer.zip Curve Digitizer 2D CAD, 1987
9. curve-fitting.zip CurveFit 2.10q by Thomas S. Cox
10. family-ties.zip Family Ties Computer Genealogy Program ver 1.15, by Neil Wagstaff, 1986
11. farm-economics.zip Minnesota Aids and Alberta Dept of Agriculture Farm Economics, 1984
12. finger-paint.zip Finger Paint Version 2.00, 1988
13. floppy-almanac.zip Astronomical Almanac, U. S. Naval Observatory Nautical Almanac Office, 1987
14. games.zip Several games, 1985
15. hershey-fonts.zip Hershey Font coordinates, three sizes, 1988
16. language.zip French, German, Hebrew, Italian, and Spanish tutors, 1985
17. linear-programming.zip Kinetics Linear Programming System, 1984
18. lotus-worksheets.zip Various Worksheets for Lotus 123. Excel opens them. 1985
19. math-and-statistics.zip SPPC (1984), Multi-Variate Statistical Package (1980),
and Simultaneous Equation Solver (1985)
20. math-pascal.zip Engineering, Scientific and Statistical routines in Pascal (source code)
21. matrix-laboratory.zip (Matlab!) Matlab, 1981? 1986?
22. pc-calc.zip PC-Calc Spreadsheet, 1988
23. pc-key-draw.zip PC Key Draw drawing program, 1987
24. piano-man.zip Piano Man music program, 1984
25. picture-displays.zip Picture Display -- images and software, 1987
26. qubecalc.zip Qubecalc 3-D Spreadsheets, 1987
27. rbbs.zip RBBS Bulletin Board System, 1988
28. science-sampler.zip Various scientific programs, with Basic source code.
29. slide-shows.zip Slide Shows with Flicker presentation graphics application, 1986
30. superstat.zip Superstat Statistics software, 1986
31. survey-soft.zip Surveying Software, 1987
32. word-list.zip A list of 146,440 words, 1986