Comdex 1999, page 2

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Companies waste a LOT of money on stuff like this at Comdex.
The Show Floor
(a small part of it)
Agfa got people to wear their boxes. They promised a prize to someone walking around with their box. People do unbelievable things to get free stuff at Comdex.
These flat panel displays will replace monitors in a few years. They'll be used for TVs, too.
Cokes, ONLY $2.50
TDK won my award for the emptiest booth.
Here is Comdex Space selection. Companies go here and select space based mostly on the number of years they've exhibited. We've exhibited 15.
There was quite a bit of space not sold this year. Next year will be even smaller probably. It looked like attendance was down. One Comdex sales rep said it was down 40%, but it would surprise me if it was that much.
A few years ago it was impossible to get space in the Convention Center even a year ahead of time. Now there are empty places during the show.