The Plot of the Pharisees

MEMO FROM: Representative Ben Bridges

RE: Tax-Supported "evolution science" now unlawful under the U.S. Constitution

Greetings. As Georgia's 5th term State Representative from the 10th District, I, like others, have made several attempts to challenge the evolution monopoly in the schools. These attempts have all been in vain for basically the same reason you and I and all others have encountered. Whether the challenge has come from BOE members or Legislators, the Courts have ruled that "creation science" (& "ID") has a religious agenda and thus is in violation of the "establishment clause" of the U.S. Constitution. "Evolution science", on the other hand, has been viewed by the Courts as "secular science" with no religious agenda and therefore has been deemed lawful under the Constitution.

All of that can now be changed! Indisputable evidence--long hidden but now available to everyone--demonstrates conclusively that so-called "secular evolution science" is the Big-Bang 15--billion-year alternate "creation scenario" of the Pharisee Religion. This scenario is derived concept-for-concept from Rabbinic writings in the mystic "holy book" Kabbala dating back at least two millennia. Evidence in the URLs below shows conclusively that "evolution science" has a very specific religious agenda and (as with "creation science") cannot be legally taught in taxpayer supported schools, according to the Constitution.

This first link gives the purpose of the Bill in a generic form useful to other legislators and BOE members: 179 PART I MODEL.htm (2 pp.)

The second link provides the court cases and Kabbala-related evidence to support the Bill: 179 PART II ATT.EVIDENCE.htm (7 pp)

This third link is optional. It is included to supply more evidence for those who want it. 179 PART II ATT.EVIDENCE.htm (9 pp)

I hope you will join with me in presenting a Bill with this same content in your state. It will WIN in the Courts! Together we can stop the misuse of billions in taxes now funding a deception that is causing incalculable harm to every student and every truth-loving citizen. (The solution for future science instruction after evolution is expelled from the schools is also contained in the HB 179 links..) Feel free to copy and forward this memo to others you know.

Please direct all supportive calls and emails to:
Marshall Hall, Pres.The Fair Education Foundation, Inc.
1-706-776-6795 -