Everett, Washington to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Minnow, 2009

Mike left Everett in the Minnow in April and made it to Astoria, Oregon. I joined him there and we sailed (i.e. motored) up the Columbia River to see Meredith at The Dalles.  We wandered down the coast to Panama, then made it back up to Florida in July. We found ourselves at some islands along the way -- Socorro, Cocos, Providencia, and Grand Cayman.

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Here are a lot of photos:

The voyage up the Columbia River, just like Lewis and Clark.

Astoria to Newport, Oregon

Newport to San Francisco

San Francisco to Long Beach

California to Panama

Panama Canal

Panama to Fort Lauderdale

Providencia Underwater

Cayman Underwater 1

Cayman Underwater 2

Dry Tortugas Underwater

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