Mount Aggie, California

Geology Pictures?

The road to the top had some really scary parts. This wasn't one of them.

A small vein of something with iron.

This is Mount Morrison. It's the one I intended to climb today. I chickened out.

If you look closely, you can see 1421z and mono lake.

Lots of colors

Lots of colors in the rocks, too.

There are giant dark veins in the white part of this mountain.

More Colors

The ridge to
Mt. Aggie

I can't figure out how this petrified wood got inside this igneous rock.

Nice layers, but they're not horizontal.

More Layers

And even more layers!

There's a hole in this rock!

Lots of weird rocks on this mountain.

Mt. Baldwin, down the ridge from
Mt. Aggie

There were lots rocks like this along the top of the ridge.

This is a continuation of the picture on the right.

Mt. Morrison... too steep for me on this side.

At the peak of
Mt. Aggie

From the peak

From the peak -- the base of Baldwin.

More stripes

This wall was sticking up out of the ground.